The GLL in Australia

After a successful pilot season in Europe last year, The Greek Language League, the greatest championship of Greek, is returning in 2023. This time the teams competing are in Australia! 

Australia might be quite far from Greece, but Greek-Australians have been keeping Hellenism and the Greek language alive and strong for decades. Besides, Greeks love to joke that the third biggest Greek city is Melbourne.

Will the little Greeks of Melbourne win the Australian GLL this year? Or will it be Sydney? Or Perth? 

We must wait and see. What is certain is that all these little Greeks will have the time of their life competing along with their classmates in the GLL and practicing with the Greek language in the most fun and effective way.  

We cannot wait for the GLL in Australia! 

A few words about The Greek Language League. 

The GLL is an online championship of Greek created by The Greek Online School. In late 2021 the GLL won the Venture Impact Award by the Hellenic Initiative for innovation in education. The championship means to bring children of Greek origin closer together and encourage them to practice with the Greek language in a fun and effective way. Children compete in teams for almost 10 weeks in games on Greek language, culture, geography, history and more. 

You can have a taste of the 2022 Final here.

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Stay Tuned

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