GLL Australia – The Final

After one month of training, playing, studying, and giving their best , two teams reached the GLL Australia 2024 Final. These teams were of course Spirta and Gatonia. Spirta qualified to the final having secured only wins in the group phase and 9 points, while Gatonia only lost to Spirta at their very first game of the group. Coincidentally, when the GLL took place in Europe in its pilot season in 2022, Spirta and Gatonia were the two finalists. A coincidence or a mere point that the brands of these two teams, the reds and the greens, are starting a winning legacy in The Greek Language League?

In 2022 team Spirta won the final and became the GLL Europe champions. Australian Gatonia, however, made sure history would not repeat itself. In an exciting final game where the players competed in questions of Greek history, mythology, sports, culture, and geography, team Gatonia had the lead throughout the game. They gave correct answer after correct answer, they were fast and effective and although Spirta tried hard to make a comeback, Gatonia did not allow for that to happen.

The game ended with 12885 points for Spirta and 15626 points for Gatonia who officially became the GLL Australia 2024 champions. The winning team would not stop celebrating the big win. However, team Spirta stayed until the end to congratulate the winners and team Gatonia only had words of praise for their amazing and well-deserved opponents.

Congratulations to all the players for competing in the GLL Australia 2024, for training hard, for making the time to participate in this competition and advance their Hellenic education a little bit more and hopefully in the most fun way possible. Cheers to the next one Australia!

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