GLL Australia Match Day 2

Match Day 2 of the Greek Language League saw the unbelievable game between Gatonia and Sainia in Spyros Louis Arena. In Nikos Galis Arena team Tsakalia failed once again to join the game with the minimum number requirement of players thus giving the win to team Spirta who now lead the score board with 6 points after two games.

Gatonia faced Sainia in a game of ”Greekdom,” a knowledge game especially designed to test the two teams’ knowledge on Greek mythology. After two suspenseful rounds with questions of the Olympian Gods and their symbols, on the 12 labours of Hecules, on Hecate, Diomedes and Dionysus, team Gatonia secured the win with 87 points. Team Sainia did very well and gathered 61 points, but one must admit that Gatonia had thoroughly prepared and played confidently and securely making sure to leave the arena with the 3 points they lost last time.

After two amazing match days Spirta lead the score board with 6 points and Sainia and Gatonia follow in the second place with an equal of 3 points each, Tsakalia have taken the 4th place and their chances to exit the group phase look very dim. Match Day 3 will determine the 2 teams that will make it to the grand final on March 20th. On Match Day 3 Spirta face Sainia in a game where Gatonia will be the biggest supporters of team Spirta since they really need Sainia to lose so that they will be the ones to qualify to the final.

Will that be the case or will the final round of the group phase be full of surprises? What is for sure is that all teams are learning Greek in the most fun way!

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