GLL Australia Match Day 1

The League we were all waiting for is officially back! Today February the 21st 2024, the Greek Language League Australia began with two games. Gatonia vs Spirta and Tsakalia vs Sainia.

Gatonia faced Spirta in the newly established especially for the GLL Australia Spyros Louis Arena. It was a game of ten clues, where both teams had to showcase their knowledge on Greek geography and facts about the Olympic Games. Team Spirta carrying the pressure of the legacy of the winning team started the game a bit stressed. As the rounds went by, though, they managed to play very well and gather a lot of points in the challenging questions. Team Gatonia joined the game enthusiastically. A lot of their players were very well-prepared and their knowledge mesmerized the presenters, referee, and the audience that was watching the game. However, right in the last round Team Spirta managed to secure the win, with 41 points to the 33 points that Team Gatonia gathered, thus leaving match day 1 with the 3 points that will maybe prove gold in their effort to qualify to the grand final.

The atmosphere was a bit different in Nikos Galis Arena, where Tsakalia were facing Sainia. Unfortunately team Tsakalia announced that 2 of their players had withdrawn and did not secure the minimum number of players in order to participate in Match Day 1. This automatically gave the 3 winning points to team Sainia who now are restless wanting to show their skills and knowledge on Match Day 2 on February 28th.

Match Day 2 will see Gatonia facing Sainia in a nail-bitter. Gatonia need the win to stay in the race for the final qualification, while Sainia can secure their qualification to the final with a second win!

Congratulations to all the players for their efforts and good spirits! We cannot wait for the next games! Stay tuned!

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Stay Tuned

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