About Us

The Story

Forged in the blazing university halls of the North of Greece and sworn to always protect world wide Greek education from transforming into a stale, lifeless being, a fellowship of educators began the story of The Greek Language League.


Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the Greek language into an attractive field, where creativity knowledge and competitiveness create an inspiring environment for more Greek youngsters.

The Greek Language League

The Greek Language League is an online championship between teams of children. Players are fluent or native speakers of Greek. Either players form their teams independently or Greek Schools choose the team that will represent them. The teams compete against each other in fun games that test their knowledge of Greek language, Greek culture, Greek geography, Greek history, Greek sports and so much more . The teams with the most points qualify to the knockout stage and do their best to reach the grand final! One team wins the biggest prize but everybody wins the price of fun and adventure ( and all sorts of other surprises that this League has reserved for them).

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Greek is an eerie language that demands fun to be properly conquered. Our fellowship got the test various language games in the classrooms of the biggest online Greek school, The Greek Online School. This experience showed us how much games help learners conquer Greek . And conquered it they did ! After a year testing games in children’s classes and noticing the educational benefits first hand , we are ready to bring The Greek Language League to all of you.

Are you ready for the greatest 
Greek tournament that ever was?
Grab your team and join us in the Greekest,
greatest online adventure of your lives.

The GLL Board

Ada Leivada


Her competitive nature, love for games, and academic background in literary studies and media seem like a great explanation for the reasons why she adores the GLL project. Besides the GLL she adores pasta, films from the Hollywood Golden Age, and getting things right.

Maria Moschou

Game Advisor

You would expect her love for games knowing the kind of game master that she is. A learner of languages herself, she fell in love with the idea of learning through play. That’s why she took the chance to channel her imagination and creativity into the GLL. She is an avid swimmer and when she isn’t designing the next GLL game, she enjoys strolling in nature and playing with her dog.

Pavlos Xynas

Chief Technology Officer​

His natural habitat? Anything tech and digital. His university studies on mathematics have deemed him the practical mind of the team. He takes a break from all the problem-solving and digital world by growing subtropical fruit and vegetables in Greece.

Stella Bompotsiari

Academic Advisor

The Greek Online School mastermind is the Greek language expert and teacher that the GLL needs. Being an expat herself, she has dedicated her career into making the Greek language accessible and fun for children all over the world. A natural born leader, she also loves traveling and is a proficient yoga practitioner.