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For Players :

The GLL is designed for children aged between 9 and 12 years old.

The GLL games are in Greek and are designed for children whose level of Greek is between intermediate and native.

The GLL is designed for children of Greek background who live abroad or children who have recently moved to Greece and have some level of Greek and contact with the language.

Games and training sessions last about 60 minutes.

Of course. Potential players can request to be in the same team with friends or siblings as long as they connect from different rooms and different screens during the games and training sessions.

Not necessarily. Everyone can take part in the GLL regardless of whether they are Greek Online School students or not.

Unfortunately tablets and phones do not offer the ultimate quality of interaction that is needed in the GLL. Players must join via their computers, sitting in a room on their own with their cameras on.

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For Parents :

The championship runs during the school year and lasts about 4-5 months.

Yes. All players who are selected for the League make a commitment to attend all training and games. If a player fails to do so for no apparent reason they are replaced by another player for the rest of the games.

The games are streamed live and a link is shared with players’ parents.

The coaches are qualified educators, trained in the field of online education and selected carefully by the board of the GLL.

Yes, they can and they can even be on the same team if they want to. However, they would have to join the training sessions and days from different computers.

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For Schools :

Absolutely. Greek community schools can form their own team that can compete in the GLL representing their School.

For more information or to take part in the GLL as a School click here or contact info@greeklanguageleague.com .

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For Sponsors :

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There are 3 sponsor packages. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Read more here.

Read more about your benefits and opportunities as a GLL sponsor here.