Parents Say ....

“The Greek Language League
is such a nice idea!
My son really likes it and
he is very happy !”

Zeta , the Netherlands

” The pilot season lasted 2 months
in 2022 and in this time he felt
more confident to use spoken Greek
than ever before. I could not believe
how fast that happened! We hope we
get to participate next year too !”

Gianna, United Kingdom

“The only way I can get
my 9-year old to be exposed
to Greek once a week. She cannot
wait for the games and has
created a lovely bond with
her teammates
and coach !”

Alex , United Kingdom

The advantages of games in language learning are numerous. It is widely known that games help students make the effort of learning and sustain more information.

The Greek Language League was designed by qualified educators to make the Greek language more accessible and more fun to learn for children around the world.

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Benefits of being a GLL player ...

Language learning requires
a lot of effort. Games help
learners make this effort
without even realizing it.

Natural exposure to the
Greek language as it is
spoken by native Greek

Players are encouraged to
interact and communicate
with each other 

Players are involved in
active learning which allows
them to use the language
a lot faster

A positive experience
towards the Greek language
and culture

Cross-thematic learning
since the games involve
Greek culture, language,
geography,history etc

It imporves cooperation
skills, decision making skills,
comprehension of rules

Games lower class

The League is a welcome
break from classroom