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About the Greek Language League

The Greek Language League is the biggest online championship of Greek.
Kids who live abroad compete in teams in fun games that test their knowledge of
Greek language, culture, geography, history, sports and so much more.

The League

GLL has two stages; the group stage and the final games. During the stage of the groups, the teams play games and collect points in order to qualify to the finals. There is a bronze medal game and a big final. The winning team becomes the GLL champion.

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The Games

The games have been designed by qualified educators to be played online. The games were inspired by popular game shows or well liked board games. They have been designed to test players’ knowledge of Greek vocabulary, geography, culture, history, music, sports and so much more.

The Players

The players are children of Greek background aged between 9 and 12 years old who live abroad or children who have recently moved to Greece. Their level of Greek is between intermediate and native. The players compete in teams and against other teams from the same continent, e.g. players based in Europe compete against other players who are also based in Europe, while players from the US compete against players who are also based in the US.

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To win any championship, one must train very hard. This is why, an integral part of the Greek Language League is the teams’ training sessions that prepare players for the games. The training sessions are run by each team’s coach. The coaches are qualified Greek educators, trained in the field of online education and the field of educational gaming. On a set day and time, each team meets at their online training arena and follows the instructions of their coach in order to make sure that they are ready for the games. Training includes familiarizing the players with the technology of each game and preparing them with training material similar to the material of the actual game they will play.