Match Day 2

After a thrilling debut, Match Day 2 arrived and all the teams were ready to win. The arenas were full, Sainia faced Gatonia in Stefanidi and Tsakalia against Spirta in Antetokounmpo.

This round challenge was a game of various sounds. The players heard bees, basketballs, hair dryers etc. and they had to take the decision either to answer and say what they actually heard in Greek or let the opponent team do so. A game of strategy and the teams were fully concentrated on that.

In Antetokounmpo Arena Spirta dominated the game reaching 153 points against Tsakalia who gathered 98. An impressive performance for the winners and an excellent effort for Tsakalia.

In Stefanidi Arena though, things weren’t so easy for either team. Sainia entered determined to win and after their lead in the biggest part of the game, they were sure that this time they would do it. But Gatonia with a champion spirit and faith till the end, managed to grab the 3 winning points at the last moment of the game. With this win, they managed to stay at the top of the scoreboard along with Spirta.

The league table after two games has Gatonia and Spirta sharing the top with 6 points each. Sainia and Tsakalia have 2 losses and thus 0 points. This score leads us in a thrilling Match Day 3. There will be a derby between Gatonia and Spirta to find out which team will conquer the top and there will also be an intense match between Sainia and Tsakalia for 3rd and 4th places.

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