Match Day 3

Match day 3  had to be postponed due to Covid. But after one week of delay, we returned on Wednesday for a last game before the semi-finals. This week’s schedule had Tsakalia VS Sainia and Gatonia VS Spirta.

At Antetokounmpo Arena, Gatonia and Spirta competed to see who would finish at the top of the league table. Great performance for both teams but Gatonia fully concentrated and won the game gathering 502 points.

Stefanidi Arena hosted Tsakalia and Sainia. After two losses in a row, both teams were eager to secure the first win of the tournament. That had as a result, an amazing game with great answers and funny moments. At the end though, Tsakalia team had the last laugh.

Semi-finals are the next step for all teams who will face each other on April 13th. We can’t wait to find out which teams will go through till the final and of course which team will become the first GLL champion.

Stay tuned for more action!

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Stay Tuned

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