The Grand Opening

The big day has come and the much anticipated Greek Language League debuted on February 23rd. Two arenas, four teams and four coaches began the first match day fully concentrated with only one goal in mind, to move to the next round. 

The first round challenge was “Greekdom”, a question-based game of general knowledge on Greece. 

At Stefanidi Arena the game between Gatonia versus Tsakalia took place , where Gatonia prevailed after a long and suspenseful rally. Both teams gave it all and their coaches, Fenia and Anna, were more than proud.  

The second game of the first round was hosted in Antetokounmpo Arena, where Spirta faced Sainia. The players along with their coaches, Dimitra and Sofia, entered the game with joy and concentration. Both teams could win but only one succeeded and it was Spirta who got it right in the end. 

Celebrations, fun and new knowledge around Greece were the “trophies’ ‘ of this first match day. What a blast! Gatonia and Spirta are leading now in the scoreboard, while Tsakalia and Sainia need to win the next games to stay close in the run towards the knockout games.

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Stay Tuned

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